GameRanger 170610 4.9

Organize, manage and play hundreds of multiplayer games on a Windows or Mac OS computer

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    170610 4.9

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    Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 8

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GameRanger 170610 4.9
GameRanger 4.9 170610

GameRanger, a software that searches and organizes your multiplayer games for you, is a helpful free software from the publisher GameRanger Technologies. Unlike some of the other programs, GameRanger doesn't install anything outside the application itself, and you don't have to exercise your administration privileges to install it. This is probably one of the least system-intrusive software programs you can get because it can't make your computer unstable. In fact, it may actually be safer than some of the alternatives because you don't have to keep the port open with a router and firewall.

Long History with Games

While GameRanger has been out for the PC since November 2008 for the multiplayer games, in fact, it has been around for the Mac since 1999. This makes GameRanger one of the longest running multiplayer services for any platform. Not to mention, this is a long time for a system to run perfectly without the possibility for potential errors. The platform continues to grow more popular with each passing week among the PC gamers, and developers have even begun to offer a new type of support for the gamers who use GameRanger on their games.

Where the System Excels

In particular, this system excels with the downloads of the older games. We saw how this platform worked especially well with some of the older games because of how they have been designed and how this program integrates well with them. GameRanger lets you customize everything, and you can meet new challengers, organize a game and play them against some of the best people from the internet. It's also a great way to make more friends because the online community fosters a friendship among the people.

GameRanger: What You Need to Know

GameRanger, a software that lets you play more than 700 games and online demos, was created by Scott Kevil. He first opened it to the gaming community in 1999 for the Mac, and this is the longest running services of all the platforms. In fact, in 2008, GameRanger expanded their services over to the PC gaming realm, and they have even received a general opinion of praise and acclaim. This software works well for gamers because it focuses on all the central issues to gamers.

GameRanger battles to keep the online multiplayer environment alive. With some of the gaming publishers closing their doors, GameRanger has helped to pick up the slack and continue to carry the torch. This is what makes them brilliant is how no matter what happens, the software continues to support the gaming community. Whoever wants to play in a multiplayer environment and match up against some of the globe's finest will find an appreciation for this program.


  • Over 700 different online multiplayer games and demos to choose from.
  • The program has one of the longest histories of online platforms.
  • The system overall is highly non-intrusive and works great with most computers.


  • A little outdated compared to some of your other choices.

Gameranger allows you to play or host games over the internet with friends or other users from across the world. After installation, there are only two easy requirements before you can begin using Gameranger: First, you must have an internet connection available. Second, you must have the game you want to play installed on your computer.

This program works with all varieties of games, including classic and simulation games. To use Gameranger to play online, just use it with the executable file, marked by an ".exe" in the file name, that starts the game ordinarily. This will bring up an option to either host a multi-player gaming session or look for servers hosted by other players to join. Gameranger displays a list of information for each server, including the host name, server description, number of players, and more, to help you select a secure server to play on. This also helps you avoid common gaming nuisances like lag and connection problems.

You can also add users you meet online to a friends list, with additional options including being able to host games just for friends and private messaging. As is practically online standard, you can add an icon and write your own profile. Gameranger also provides users with the ability to communicate with one another during gameplay with voice chat, and it has competitive ladders, rankings and ratings.


  • Gameranger is a free download that allows you to play over six hundred games online with friends worldwide.
  • It's easy to use, and may even alleviate a few complications normally experienced in online gaming.
  • Detailed information on servers helps guide players to making the right server choice.
  • It's an unobtrusive program that can't cause system instabilities.
  • As the most well-known, successful, and longest running multi-player service on any gaming platform, Gameranger's developers have had plenty of time to smooth over any potential issues. It really is as easy and unobtrusive as everyone says it is.


  • The program has no control over its userbase, meaning both hosts and players can turn out to be unreliable after all.

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